Welcome to the Glass Ceiling Project

We are a group of financial professionals, academics, athletes and military personnel with decades of working, competing and surviving over most of the globe. We specialise in personal development and organisational change.

We use our extensive experience to achieve
that powerful combination of well-being and productivity
that you want to see in yourself and your organisation.

Lene Hansen – Founder
The Glass Ceiling Project

We are practitioners who can combine advanced degrees with practical experience:

  • Working in senior executive positions in investment banks
  • Competing in international sporting competitions
  • Publishing academic guidance
  • Serving in warzones

These skills help us to ensure that you or your organisation achieve the very best outcomes under the most stressful circumstances.

How can we achieve these outcomes? Read on and see which approach works for you.

Would you like to engage with colleagues, managers and clients in a way that both highlights your abilities and exceeds their expectations?

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Your successful business is attracting top talent, but you are having difficulties getting the most from them. They are not progressing, and they are leaving too soon feeling unfulfilled. You need a motivated workforce who not only drive your business today but are the cornerstones of your business for tomorrow.

We work closely with teams and organisations of all sizes to improve and transform how they work together. Our bespoke organisational programmes help get the most out of the talent you’ve attracted. We also offer a comprehensive programme of options to improve workplaces after harassment actions.

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