Our Mission

Many people associate glass ceilings with gender. And this is an important and pressing issue but, during our research on employability, we have encountered many other incredible people who are also facing real but invisible barriers. Our mission is therefore to support a broader community of talented individuals who are not currently receiving constant employability support. Therefore, we are extremely proud to be working with the following groups:


A boutique fitness and social club employing professional athletes to support its aim of providing a lifestyle wellness portfolio for its clients.



Jon White is an inspirational speaker and executive coach who served several tours with the Royal Marines before injury forced a career change. He is working with The Glass Ceiling Project with the aim of supporting the employment efforts of his fellow Marines following their time in service.



Many neurodiverse individuals have particular skills in being detailed, focused, and recognising changes in patterns. However, they find it difficult to work in a typical workplace due to their disability affecting their ability for social interaction, understanding workplace ‘rules’, and coping with noise and excessive activity. The Glass Ceiling Project is working to support this talented group of individuals in their efforts to find employment.