As I was searching for the next step in my career, I thought it best to seek support and advice from a mentor. At first, I was attracted to Lene’s professional experience and was delighted when she accepted to take my call. Lene helped to clarify areas I needed to focus on and open my mind to new possibilities. She made a true and significant difference to my approach to the next steps of my career. She is intuitive, assertive and a true inspirational leader.

Gemma Arregui, Head of Operations at G-Kaizen


[M}otivating, mentoring and inspiring by equal measure. [Lene] will tell it to you straight and you’ll be all the better for it. The warmth of Lene’s welcomes are only topped by the enthusiasm of her interest in you. She embraces life come thick or thin and you can’t help but be carried along by that when you’re with her.
Lene is one of the few people I’ve met with that rarest of skills, to make you feel like you’ve been listened to even when you haven’t said a word.

Rob Miller – BBRC


Lene has been chairing our London compliance quorums, which are mostly comprised of heads of legal and compliance from major buy and and sell-side firms. (She) is an excellent moderator with deep industry knowledge honed from her considerable experience working for exchanges, regulators and sell-side firms, which proved invaluable in driving our think-tank style discussions.

Mike Burton – CEO Q15


Lene is a highly thoughtful and articulate individual, who is always a pleasure to deal with. When you have a conversation with Lene, you come away feeling energised by her positivity, her enthusiasm and her natural curiosity. She’s also an excellent writer, with some very thought-provoking blog posts!

Mike O’Hara – Partner – The Realization Group


Lene is a powerful and positive force of nature, who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I am wowed by her wealth of knowledge, sharp mind, ability to get stuff done, and the way she operates with such integrity. Everyone needs a Lene on their team – she simply makes the world a better place and has so much to offer…. she is professional, motivating, inspirational and highly competent. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Marie Wright – Executive Coach – Bold Bean Coaching


Always a pleasure to work with Lene. Concise, clear and fantastic at motivating and exchanging ideas in such a dynamic industry like the financial markets.

Alex Parsons – VP – Head of Investment Control – Amundi


I would commend Lene to any group as a multi-faceted and highly competent professional who is capable of adapting to any environment and delivering the goods.

Kevin Togher RBS


Lene is tremendously committed to the work that she is doing. She is thoroughly reliable, extremely conscientious and has the highest of standards.

Gill Stewart


‘Smile!!’ is always the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Lene’s coaching. She has an ability to make you laugh whilst simultaneously pushing you until you cannot feel your legs. The coaching I receive is always explained eloquently and you can tell there is a wealth of knowledge and understanding behind the suggestions that ultimately make my rowing much more powerful and technical. Lene is also one of the few people that has more energy than I do at 8:00 in the morning and I am always grateful for and inspired by her enthusiasm towards life.

Ella May Wright – World Class Start Rower


Lene has an exceptional ‘coaching eye’ and the ability to separate ‘signal’ from ‘noise’ in a coaching environment. [This] enables her to express her technical knowledge in the form of focused, accessible suggestions for the limited range of changes or new strategies that will make the biggest difference…. Lene combines her technical ability and focus with the ability to communicate well and a passionate and highly infectious enthusiasm…

Dr Robert Purves, Barrister


Searching for an alternative direction after a career ending medical incident, I stumbled across my local rowing club through my children. Six months later I have re-engaged my love of the sport as I embark on learning to coach. Lene’s personality preceded her in the club through other’s conversations so I was intrigued to meet her. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. A larger than life character, fizzing with energy, raring to go and disarmingly direct. Any intimidation was dispelled by her limitless supply of non-negotiable hugs and within a hour you feel she’s known you all your life. She’s an excellent rowing coach, deeply knowledgeable, technically accomplished, completely committed and psychologically adept. I have seen her reach closed students that others couldn’t and inspire good rowers on to another level in a single outing. Throughout my career I learned the importance of surrounding myself by good people and I already regard Lene as a mentor in helping develop my sport coaching skills, and indeed my life skills as I come to terms with my life change.

Jamie Macdonald – FinTech 100 SVP, LTR coach