“It’s obvious Lene’s goal is to help, nurture and guide aspiring leaders – and she does a great job of it too.”

Justin Aroyeun MIET – Lecturer, Uxbridge College


“Fantastic session, good energy, length and the format worked well remotely”
“You were a big hit – people have commented that you really know your stuff and have the ideal knowledge base and experience”

 Elizabeth Evans – Vice President – European ECM & Corporate Broking


“Lene made a true and significant difference to my approach to the next steps of my career. She is intuitive, assertive and a true inspirational leader.”

Gemma Arregui – Head of Operations, G-Kaizen


“Motivating, mentoring and inspiring by equal measure. [Lene] will tell it to you straight and you’ll be all the better for it. …”

“Lene embraces life come thick or thin and you can’t help but be carried along by that when you’re with her.”

Rob Miller, BBRC



Cynthia Delaume – Managing Director – Royal Bank of Canada


“A step-by-step guide to mental health in the modern age.”

James King, Student


“Lene combines her technical ability and focus with the ability to communicate well and a passionate and highly infectious enthusiasm…’

Rob Purves, Barrister


“Lene is a compulsive communicator, thoughtful and articulate. A wordsmith.”

Mark Northwood, FCA