Bespoke Programmes

Perhaps you already have a list of concerns that you would like addressed. Perhaps your recruits need help understanding how to step up and step forward with their ideas and skills. Perhaps it’s institutional inertia in an age of new working practices preventing those contributions from being recognised and nurtured. Perhaps it’s a lack of buy-in or a lack of implementation of institutional processes already designed to help.

We have a highly experienced team who can work through these questions with you and develop a bespoke programme that will unlock your workforce’s potential. Three, six and twelve month packages are available. These packages would include time spent with the teams and various stakeholders to understand the environment; to see what’s working well and what’s not.

This would be followed by an in-depth report covering the anonymised findings of the meetings, along with a range of options and suggestions to both build on the identified strengths of your core business and to address areas of concern. These options might include suggestions for you to modify or improve particular organisational practices, to create more robust management or reporting procedures and/or take advantage of a range of services that we offer.

Our workshops have proven to be very popular, but we also get great results from focused one-on-one sessions to generate buy-in and wider organisational change. We tailor our approach to consider the needs of the relevant parties and work hard to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in discussions.

To achieve this, we are pleased to be able to offer you seasoned professionals and extraordinary speakers, chosen specifically for your needs, whose skills and stories will absolutely energise and inspire your workforce.

Click here for a Sample Wellbeing Proposal.