Global Perspectives

The vast majority of the traditional educational experience that we undergo does not provide us with a very systematic way to consider how our skillset and motivations might best be utilised in the broader, global community. This module seeks to provide participants with a better understanding of the opportunities available for them to make a positive and powerful contribution to the wider population and environment.

We begin by considering how the previous generation’s approach to employment may not be appropriate for contemporary times and outline a number of areas where exciting and important changes are occurring, including ethics, economics, technology and policy.

In the second section we are introduced to an inspiring group of people who have chosen non-traditional careers which are impacting the world that we live in ranging from the atmosphere of the earth, the marine environment, supporting innovative design and local wildlife.

Okay, so how do we put all these great new feelings, thoughts and intentions into action? We finish by looking at how we can refine our passions, find our ‘tribes’, use and leverage our skills.