Getting the Job

Gaining employment is one of the most important milestones in any person’s life and, even with decades of psychological research and testing, it still manages to be incredibly subjective and uncertain. This is particularly true of complex and unusual jobs i.e. the types of jobs that are likely to increase as automation increases. This module aims to replace that subjectivity and uncertainty with a measured approach and more in-depth understanding of the hiring process.

The core of the approach here is to provide two fields of perspective. Firstly, that there are simple and proven ways to maximise the impact of what we have to offer an organisation. Central to the idea of success is to understand that interviews are not about us, but how it is perceived that we will fit into an organisation. To support this perception, we look at how best to use the psychological concepts of proximity bias, matching and mirroring.

Each step of the employment process should be viewed as an opportunity to make the best use of our particular bait (and hooks), especially in an increasingly connected world. This process might include removing or re-framing what we have offered the world in the past.

If we complete the initial steps in a satisfactory manner and salary discussions come into view, then there are some suggestions on how best to approach this negotiation. If an interview doesn’t lead immediately to an offer, then we review what can be gained from the experience and how best to prepare for the next one!