Building Resilience

Many of us regularly feel overwhelmed by the many demands on our time, attention and energy. The aim of this module is to create understanding and options for participants wanting to build their personal capacity for resilience.

Before we consider where we want to go, we must establish a starting point so, in the first part of this module we consider where we are personally, in terms of both self-awareness and self-compassion. From here we move on to practices which can help us to nurture and protect our personal spaces and how the behaviour of others which negatively affects us can be put into perspective.

Once we have established our starting point then we look at the ways we can move forward; in the next section we address how to maximise our personal power, particularly within a conversational context. This includes some tips on how to more fully understand the unconscious messages (or subtext) in everyday conversation and how best to use language in a powerful rather than self-defeating way. We finish this section by introducing the concept of embracing the potential of uncertainty and taking ownership within your journey.

In the third section we address several aspects of positive thinking, including the importance of perspective; and how important it is to take care of your body and find your tribe.

These are all proven factors in building resilience in life and we look forward to sharing them with you!