Super Self-Awareness

‘Everyone should understand how their individual personality works (or doesn’t) with their environment. This module looks at some important aspects of this interaction’

The first section considers the many possible aspects of a new environment and what to consider when setting up a basic structure within it. This structure should support a healthy, balanced and sustainable rhythm of life where the individual functions in an optimal way. The aim is an approach to life which is considered, optimised and targeted, not simply a reaction to an immediate situation.

We move on to explore several personality spectrums that we all inhabit. A number of the spectrums are intended to help us understand our own fundamental personalities and what drives our behaviour, capacities and choices whereas others address personal practices which may or may not be useful to our aims in life and which can be changed.

We then look at whether our environments and our personalities are aligned with what we personally want from life and how best to make changes if required. The module finishes by outlining the importance of each individual’s learning style and habits when seeking any change.