On the Job

The first days in any job are likely to involve a steep learning curve. This module covers how best to navigate that curve and the relationships associated with it.

We start by looking at some of the simplest barriers to people feeling that we are doing a good job. Once we have avoided these we need to make the most of our communications with others, so we look at the basics of how best to interact with people generally.

The next part of the module looks at communication in more detail, specifically what to remember when dealing with clients, colleagues and our manager. We move onto some do’s and don’ts of internal messaging. Within any situation there is a chance that things might go wrong, so we look at how we can best prepare ourselves and/or respond in these situations.

Finally, we look at the outcome that happens where things have gone right, and promotions are on the horizon. We consider how best to achieve this outcome and put forward some tips on basic behaviour to avoid if this is your aim.