Captain Subtext

Many of us don’t realise the hidden powers that we all have when using language. This module puts forward examples and options to help us unleash the superhero in all of us.

The first section draws together and expands on observations about communication made in other parts of the programme. We begin by considering who Captain Subtext is; and move on to outline some of the powerful ways that he can be observed in our daily lives.

We begin with the introduction of the concept of ‘Stop Words’ and how to recognise situations where there is a very specific difference between what a person is saying and what they are feeling. The intention of learning this subtext is to help us respond in more constructive and compassionate ways in difficult situations.

From here we move onto the underlying psychology and power of the word ‘sorry’ and specifically how that power should not be given away unintentionally. This idea is wound into some options on how to respond to controlling or demeaning comments by both friends and enemies.

Within any discussion there is also the option of not saying anything, so we look at where the British stiff-upper-lip originated, how the idea of it has changed and whether it still serves a purpose today.