Welcome to the
Glass Ceiling Project

This happy project started at an airport while I was waiting four hours for a cancelled flight. As a regional Chief Operating Officer, litigator, regulator and consultant over the previous two decades, I had spent far too much time on planes and waiting for them. I was fed up and said as much to a colleague. My main frustration I said, was that the fundamental lack of baseline competence and effective communication at all organisational levels, hadn’t changed.

He asked conversationally what I did for fun. I replied that I drew on my time as a professional athlete to coach rowers and on my business experience to mentor people who needed support. So, he said, do that, and I suppose the rest is history. With a lot of time, effort and the help of like-minded individuals, I have now put together a course of practitioner-driven modules that address the fundamental problems that I saw for all those years. I look forward to sharing it with you…